How to do a foot soak

How to do a foot soak.

Now you know about WHY you should use Tibetan Herbal foot soaks, let’s talk about HOW to do them. It’s pretty easy, and very relaxing.

Step 1. Boil water. When it has boiled, pour boiling water into a jar with one foot soak tea bag. Let this steep for 10-15 minutes. A pint size mason jar works; a quart size mason jar works even better.

Step 2. While this steeps, prepare the rest of your water. You can use a dishpan and thermometer system, adding hot water and letting it cool to 110-115 degrees fahrenheit (sometimes I add ice to speed up the cooling down process) or you can invest in a foot soaking tub that will maintain a steady temperature. When the bag has steeped for a while, add the contents of your mason jar to the contents of your soaking vessel and check the temperature.

Step 3. Stick your feet in. Relax and rest for 30 minutes. If you have high blood pressure, limit your soaking time to 15-20 minutes. **If you’re using a dishpan as your soaking vessel, you’ll want to keep a pot of hot water nearby to add hot water as your soak cools down.

Step 4. If you would like to stretch your soaks as far as you can, save some of the water (I usually save about 2 quarts) in the fridge for use the following day. When you are ready to do your soak, heat your saved “tea” with more water and repeat step 2 above.

Let me know what you’re feeling throughout and after your soak! I’d love to hear your feedback!