We now offer Reiki... but what is Reiki? We talked to Tina Outeiro to find out.

As most of you already know, there have been some big changes over here at Soul Sprout Family Acupuncture in the past six months. Holly joined the staff as a massage therapist and Tina came on as an office manager. What you may NOT know is that this is only a small part of Tina’s hustle: She is also a yoga instructor and business owner who runs yoga retreats at Inspirational Retreats, as well as a Reiki practitioner in her second level of training. Tina is now offering Reiki here at Soul Sprout, either as an independent session or in conjunction with an acupuncture appointment.

We are so excited to add Reiki to our growing list of wellness and healing, but we know that many people are not even sure exactly what it is, who should receive it, or how it works. We asked Tina a few questions to shed some light on Reiki and her own background with it.

Please feel free to ask any more questions-- call us up, DM us on Instagram or Facebook, or comment on this post. Tina is so excited to share her practice with you and we are sure that many of you could benefit greatly from Reiki!

Hi Tina! We have been so lucky to have you keeping the office in order here at Soul Sprout. Can you tell us a little bit about your other career(s), and what you're up to when you're not here?

Thank you for the kind words. I’m enjoying working here, between the wonderful clients and the calming atmosphere, it’s been a blast! When not working here, I run retreats from day retreats to week long retreats. My retreats consist of holistic and simple approaches to life and wellbeing.

Tell us a little more about Reiki. What is the best/ easiest way to describe it? I like to describe Reiki to people by telling them that we consist of energy and when our energy is off balance our physical body manifests that in illness or discomfort. Reiki helps balance your energy which gives your physical body the opportunity to heal.

When and how did you get interested in it? I learned about Reiki 8 years ago while I was in the financial world and no one around me had ever heard of it. I was fascinated by it and the history of it. I couldn’t believe that everyone didn’t know about this amazing gift. Over the years, I’ve been researching and wanting to learn more and more. I’ve met many people who are Reiki trained, Reiki Masters and I’ve noticed they all have the same fascination or this ancient healing.

How did you go about studying it and becoming a practitioner? What does it take to become a "master"? I began studying it since I learned about it. I was trained by someone who is number 8 in lineage of Master Usui himself, which makes me 9th in lineage.

What does a typical Reiki appointment look like? In a typical Reiki appointment, the client lays down with eyes closed and just relaxes as I gently place my hands on them, or hover over them (whichever is most comfortable for myself and the client). The appointment lasts about 45 minutes and the client typically leaves with a sense of peace. Many times the clients falls asleep during a Reiki session as it is a very relaxing experience.

What about Reiki with acupuncture. How would that work? When would you recommend receiving both treatments together? Reiki and acupuncture go hand in hand as Acupuncture consists of helping energy move and Reiki balances the energy. Both are healing the energy and together are very powerful. I recommend using Reiki during an acupuncture session where the patient is anxious about Acupuncture or is anxious in general.

Do you ever encounter skeptics? What do they say to you? What do you say to them? I’ve encountered many skeptics. They usually just make fun of it because they don’t understand. I tell people, "it can’t fix a broken leg or stop you from bleeding, but it can help with some deep emotional injuries you may not even know still exists in you"-- and then they get curious. I usually say that I respect their opinions and Reiki is something that works when your soul is open to it. Some people may not be open to it physically, but their soul may be without them realizing it.

Any advice or tips for Reiki first-timers? For Reiki first timers, I would say just be open and loving to themselves that they are allowing this experience into their life.