Happy New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year!

Today we enter the year of the Yang Earth Dog, or Yellow Dog. The forecast that follows was drawn from the words of Lillian Pearl Bridges, whose full forecast you can read here: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0914/1204/files/Year_of_the_Dog_Forecast.pdf?4554263367526090895

We made it through 2 fire years where the energy was fast and all consuming, like a wildfire. We can relax a little bit knowing that this is an Earth over Earth year, which means that the year will be much calmer, perhaps even a little bit boring! Life will be easier, and more relaxing, and we’ll have time to recover from the tensions of the previous fire years.

The Dog brings good luck! In the words of Chinese Medicine legend Lillian Pearl Bridges, “anyone who loves and cares for dogs this year will get a little extra luck for honoring them”.

The Dog is practical and dedicated to conservation, honesty, and truthfulness. One major theme of the Dog year is justice. It is a year where fairness will prevail and people will fight against injustice. In this year, there will be a return to the belief in higher principles and ideals and wrongs will be righted. Luck will run out for anyone involved in unethical or illegal activities.

This is a year for negotiations that result in compromises. Prevailing themes of the Dog year are generosity, kindness, sympathy, and empathy. It is a time where people will care about the needs of others and will work to help others. Bridges says, “the ‘underdogs’ of the world will finally be given more support and a voice.” Gatherings of family and friends will be frequent and will be more welcoming to people considered outsiders. Dogs travel in packs, ensuring stronger family ties. It is also a good year for finding a partner, as Dogs are ever faithful and a symbol of fidelity. Expect a year of nurturing old and new friendships with gatherings and reunions. Volunteering and community involvement are important in the Dog year. It is a wonderful year for gathering your friends to work together in service to improve the lives of others.

Work wise, it is a good year for collaboration and cooperation. Teamwork will be rewarded more so than individual efforts. The economy will stabilize and plateau. Industries that will do well this year include farming, real estate, the tech industry, construction, publishing, and businesses in the mountains. It is a great year for aspiring backyard gardeners!

The organs associated with the Earth element are the Spleen, Stomach, and Pancreas. It will be important to maintain a strong immune system and digestive system this year, where food and the idea of Yang Shen – or nourishing life – will be central. The emotion of the Earth element is worry, which will be prevalent this year, but most of the things people worry about will not come true. Another attribute of the Earth element is thinking, which will make this a year where people will be more logical, but overthinking can be problematic, causing confusion.

This is a year to enjoy music, singing, crafting, carpentry, and needlework.

From the pack of Dogs at Soul Sprout Family Acupuncture we wish you a year of health and abundance.