It’s time to make some inner compost, friends!

The summer is waning and we are entering the Autumn which is the season of the Metal element. It is the time when Mother Nature has provided the harvest leaving plants and trees bare. As another growing season ends, plants die and leaves fall to return to the earth to nourish the soil for next year’s growing season.

Much like the trees let go of the leaves they no longer need, this is a time for people to let go of the old, stale waste in our own lives to make room for new growth and ideas. This season brings us back to our core, revealing what we no longer need and should rid ourselves of, and reminds us of what is most important in our lives.

As we let go of things, we grieve and mourn, the emotions of the Metal element. We grieve the separation from those we have lost and things that no longer serve us. The grief is what cleanses us from that which we no longer need in our lives.

Metal is associated with the Lung and Large Intestine organs. The large intestine quite literally lets go of the waste that the body does not need. The Large Intestine does this on a metaphysical level as well, cleansing us of the junk we are surrounded by daily. This cleansing allows us to experience and enjoy the beauty and purity of our surroundings.

While the Large Intestine is letting go, the Lungs are doing their job and taking in that which is fresh and crisp. The Lung works beautifully in a cycle with the Large Intestine to take in the pure and eliminate the impure.

Now is a wonderful time for you to release your clutter to allow room for new experiences, feelings, ideas, and things within your space. Go through your closets, drawers, desk, etc and donate or sell what someone else can use and throw out anything else that you do not need. Take deep breaths, taking in the pure clean air and breathe out negativity, pain, and thoughts and patterns that no longer serve you. Find what adds value to your life and let the rest go.

This is a time to rest and conserve energy after expending so much energy during the Summer. The earlier sunsets remind us to slow down, bringing the energy of the vibrant fire summer season inward.